CANADA – TOMRA has recently secured a long-term agreement to supply cutting-edge collection, sorting, and processing equipment for new recycling centers in Quebec, Canada.

In collaboration with the Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association, around 1,350 TOMRA machines are slated for installation as part of this deal.

The rollout of automated collection equipment is scheduled to commence in early 2024, with a three-year implementation plan. During this period, TOMRA aims to invest approximately US$40.23 million in this new infrastructure.

Alain Nault, SVP, General Manager of TOMRA Canada, highlighted the significance of this initiative: “Today, eleven out of 13 Canadian provinces and territories have implemented deposit return systems to combat litter, enhance recycling, and foster a circular economy.

“Quebec’s advancements in modernizing its drink container recycling program are commendable, poised to establish one of the world’s most efficient systems.

“TOMRA is thrilled to contribute as a major provider of automated collection technology for this expansion.”

Quebec’s redemption centers will feature TOMRA T9 and T70 reverse vending machines, alongside Expert Line bulk collection technology at industrial sites for consumer engagement.

These return centers will span both smaller units purchasing the reverse vending infrastructure and subscribing to service agreements, and larger centers operating on a throughput model.

The recent expansion and modernization of Quebec’s deposit return system, initiated on November 1st, marks a notable shift.

Formerly covering only beer/soft drink cans, PET, and a fraction of one-way glass, it now encompasses all drinkable beverages between 100ml and 2L—encompassing cans, plastic and glass bottles, and cartons. Additionally, deposit/refund values have seen an increase to 10 cents, except for glass, now at 25 cents.

The Quebec DRS expansion will unfold in two phases, with further expansions planned for March 2025, targeting additional container types and return locations.

These strategic measures aim to augment the recycling of containers, targeting a 90% return rate for eligible drink containers while streamlining the deposit system for consumers.

Romania introduces deposit-refund scheme for plastic bottles

In another development, Romania has introduced a deposit-refund scheme for plastic bottles, refunding EUR 0.10 for each returned bottle.

This initiative, called the RetuRO program, is set to officially launch on November 30th, promoting ecological transition and aligning with the circular economy’s principles.

Despite previous postponements due to retailer pressure, the program is now set to commence after being delayed from January 2021 to October 1, 2022.

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