TANZANIA – TAQA Dalbit has successfully inaugurated Tanzania’s inaugural integrated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filling Station and Conversion Center in Dar es Salaam.

Spearheaded by TAQA Dalbit—a collaboration between TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil & Gas—the project aims to amplify the utilization of Tanzania’s natural gas reserves, offering a more affordable and eco-friendly choice for consumers.

In a press release, it was revealed that this station is the pioneer of 12 upcoming developments by TAQA Dalbit, with an investment exceeding US$10 million. Hon. Dr. Doto Mashaka Biteko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy of Tanzania, commended TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil & Gas for their joint venture and support towards the government’s endeavors.

Dr. Biteko emphasized, “We stand at the brink of a transformative phase in Tanzania’s energy landscape. With the commitment and visionary leadership demonstrated by industry frontrunners like TAQA Dalbit, we’re ushering in an era of sustainable energy solutions.”

Highlighting the environmental benefits, CNG-powered vehicles are estimated to emit approximately 25% less CO2 and are on average 50% cheaper than liquid fuels.

This station’s establishment aligns with the goal of boosting the consumption of clean energy, characterized by minimal carbon content and environmental friendliness.

The CNG Station boasts a capacity of 11,000 KG of CNG (equivalent to 7600 sqm of compressed gas), catering to up to 800 vehicles daily.

Concurrently, the conversion center is poised to handle the transformation of 1,000 vehicles annually, spanning various types such as passenger cars, multi-utility vehicles, sports utility vehicles, buses, and trucks.

During the ceremony, Rikin Shah, Group CEO of JCG, expressed their satisfaction, stating, “JCG Oil & Gas is delighted to collaborate with TAQA Arabia and the Tanzanian Government, leveraging the nation’s natural gas resources with the launch of our inaugural TAQA Dalbit station.”

Shah emphasized the significance of this joint venture in realizing their vision for a sustainable future, stressing the importance of providing a mix of Natural Gas and traditional fuels to propel their vision forward.

Having operated in Tanzania for 15 years through Dalbit Tanzania since its establishment in 2008, Shah highlighted the superiority of natural gas as a more sustainable energy source compared to petrol and diesel.

He also pointed out the timing of this development amidst rising living costs, highlighting the station’s role in offering a more economical alternative for motorists’ daily vehicle use, emphasizing the seamless vehicle conversion services available at their center.

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