USA – In a strategic initiative aimed at optimizing its operations and fortifying its dedication to sustainability, Sustana proudly announces the rebranding of its subsidiary entities—namely, Sustana Fiber, Rolland, and Hanna Paper—under the cohesive Sustana umbrella.

Fabian de Armas, Chairman and CEO of Sustana, conveyed his enthusiasm for the rebrand, articulating, “This strategic move marks a noteworthy milestone in our trajectory towards a more circular and nature-positive future.

“By amalgamating our business units under the Sustana brand, we are cultivating a more robust, unified entity grounded in our shared purpose—to embed sustainability as a fundamental component in everyday products.”

Aaron Ling, Director of Sustainability at Sustana, underscored the company’s ambition to propel the clean materials and methods movement forward.

He said, “A sustainable future is contingent upon materials adopting eco-friendly practices. Sustana’s mission is to engineer sustainable solutions with clean materials and a circular mindset.

“Through innovation and collaboration, we can demonstrate the feasibility of producing high-quality, fiber-based materials while curbing waste, conserving natural resources, and safeguarding biodiversity.”

De Armas accentuated how the rebrand strategically positions Sustana as the preeminent provider of comprehensive, sustainable fiber-based solutions and services.

“From waste prevention to exploring alternative fiber sourcing to paper production, we embrace a circular mindset at every juncture,” says de Armas.

“We believe this approach will attract prospects and partners committed to ushering in a more sustainable future. It’s about fostering a shared vision that unites us toward a common goal.”

Ling added, “This rebrand is a call to action. Sustana doesn’t merely advocate for sustainability; we embody it. We apply that principle to every facet of the sustainability journey—from day-to-day operations to charting strategic directions. This move epitomizes our commitment to effecting positive change in the industry and beyond.”

Renee Yardley, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sustana, stressed how this rebrand signifies a new chapter for the company, reinforcing its dedication to sustainability and innovation.

“This rebrand empowers Sustana to cater to customers’ needs at every stage—from sourcing clean materials to producing finished goods to recycling—positioning our brand as a holistic solution,” added Yardley.

In August of the preceding year, Sustana executed a merger with esteemed high-grade paper recycler Hanna Paper, a move designed to enhance the stability of its supply chain. Headquartered in Toronto, Hanna processes over 300,000 tonnes of paper annually through its eight recovery facilities across North America.

The company operates in Ontario, Quebec, Mansfield (Massachusetts), Wallingford (Connecticut), Savage (Maryland), Buffalo (New York), and Cincinnati, boasting a dedicated workforce of 200 serving more than 1,000 customers.

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