USA – Sustainable materials company Bioaqualife has introduced a shrink wrap tape, delivering the performance of conventional marine-grade shrink wrap tapes while safely biodegrading in natural environments.

The solution is tailored for taping and sealing seams in all shrink-wrapping applications, such as marine, containment, construction, and total winterization.

Manufactured in the US, the tape features a flexible 9mm biodegradable polyethylene backing and a high-tack rubber adhesive, ensuring secure bonds and easy wrapping.

Extensive testing was conducted on traditional shrink-wrap surfaces, demonstrating its efficacy in below-zero temperature conditions.

Key test results include a 75-ounce (oz) per inch adhesion to stainless steel surfaces, 35oz per inch adhesion to backing, and 25lb per inch tensile strength. The tape is devoid of heavy metals and is available in 3-inch cores with white and transparent color options.

Bioaqualife General Manager Carsten Petersen emphasizes that the product can endure sun, salt, and weathering but naturally breaks down when disposed of correctly in a landfill, contributing to waste reduction and preventing microplastics from entering ecosystems.

Established in 2023 and headquartered in Rhode Island, USA, Bioaqualife’s product range includes shrink films, agricultural films, and construction and packaging tapes.

The company aligns with industry trends by offering innovative products such as water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and sustainable fiber-based tapes as alternatives to plastic.

In July of the preceding year, the company launched the bioaqualife Biodegradable Boat and Construction Wrap, marking a commitment to transforming the world of single-use plastics. The introduction of biodegradable and recycled alternatives signifies a new era of sustainability.

All Bioaqualife products, including the revolutionary boat and construction wrap, proudly carry the “Made in the USA” label, featuring their proprietary additive that renders plastic fully biodegradable.

The Bioaqualife Boat and Construction Wrap stands out by being both recyclable and biodegradable, ensuring efficient recycling and natural breakdown into harmless landfill water and methane components.

In alignment with the principles of a circular economy, Bioaqualife’s wrap incorporates a significant ratio of recycled plastics. The use of recycled materials substantially reduces the demand for new plastic production, contributing to a sustainable future.

Carsten Petersen, expressing enthusiasm about the bioaqualife Biodegradable Boat and Construction Wrap, stated, “We are excited to introduce the bioaqualife Biodegradable Boat and Construction Wrap. With Bioaqualife, individuals and industries can make a tangible difference in building a greener future.”

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