UK – Finnish pulp and paper maker Stora Enso has partnered with UK-based dry food firm Dizzie to introduce reusable pots for food packaging and delivery.

Under the partnership, Stora Enso has developed a reusable pot in biocomposites for home delivery of dry food products.

Customers will reduce packaging waste by using the same pots which in turn will cut 114 billion pieces of plastic from shop shelves in the UK annually.

The products will be packed in waste-free packaging which will be delivered to the consumers’ doorstep with carbon-neutral delivery. When empty, Dizzie will collect the pots, wash them, and fill them again for reuse.

“We are proud to have such an inspiring partner, and we’re honored to have been selected as the source of material to aid in the advancement of circular designs,” said Stora Enso in a statement.

The paper firm said that the pots are made from strong and durable biocomposites and can stand up to 200 cycles of reuse.

Biocomposites are said to increase product sustainability because they can be easily recycled while maintaining their qualities.

These enchanted reusable pots were created by Blond Design and made of bio-based biocomposites by Stora Enso.

The material includes 60% Eco-Polypropylene (produced from used cooking oil and oil waste) and 40% wood fibers.

As a result, pots are produced using 98% renewable materials, reducing their carbon footprint, the packaging firm claims.

Their use can help achieve a closed-loop system by returning the pots when they have served their purpose and having them disassembled into the raw materials for new pots.

In 2021, Dizzie introduced its refillable line, which helped to save nearly one million single-use plastic bottles and 150,000kg of CO2.

Stora Enso aims to achieve its sustainability goals by supporting circularity or the construction of open and transparent material flows.

Meanwhile, the Finnish company announced an investment of about US$987.6 million (€1billion) to convert the last remaining idle paper machine into a high-volume consumer board production line at its Finland-based Oulu facility.

The investment supports the company’s growth strategy in renewable packaging by providing new volume for growing packaging segments.

According to the firm, the converted machine is expected to be operational in early 2025 and will produce a total of 750,000 tonnes of consumer board annually.

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