MENA – Recycling company Sparklo has achieved a major milestone in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with the installation of the 100th artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recycling solution, Sparklomat.

Sparklomat is claimed to be an innovative reverse vending machine that leverages machine learning algorithms to optimize the recycling process.

According to Sparklo, the recycling solution can accurately identify and sort recyclables, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing contamination. In addition, the technology scales up the recycling potential of each item.

The company in its official LinkedIn account said: “Recycling in the region has never been this rewarding! Each time you deposit a bottle, you’re not only contributing to a greener planet but also earning rewards.

“Our commitment to sustainability and innovation has already garnered support from key industry leaders in the MENA region. Launching its operation in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

The company said its innovative solutions have inspired users to place 1 bottle every 3 seconds and 30,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans daily in MENA.

In addition, the company’s RVMs allow people to easily recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Users also receive rewards in the mobile app whenever they place an empty bottle or a can, which can be exchanged for discount vouchers for food, delivery services and other special offers.

“Our goal is to collect all the plastic bottles and recyclables in the MENA region,” said Maxim Kaplevich, owner and CEO of Sparklo.

Kaplevich said the company aims to revolutionize recycling and integrate it into the fabric of society’s lifestyle by incorporating elements of education and entertainment.

Sparklo aims to install thousands of recycling machines in the region in the next years as it plans to recycle millions of bottles and cans of general waste annually. The move is also intended to make the recycling process more accessible for communities.

Earlier this month, Sparklo and Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia installed the first Sparklomat in Armenia.

The company also partnered with Gulf earlier this month to launch Sparklomats in Georgia to collect plastic and aluminium.

Sparklo had then stated: “Sparklomats are the first recycling solution for the general public in Georgia providing a new ecological approach for the country.

“Sparklo’s main goal is to collect all the plastic in Georgia nationwide by offering innovative solutions that make recycling an easy and convenient habit accessible for everyone.”

By leveraging artificial intelligence, the reverse vending machine can accurately identify and sort recyclables, improving efficiency and reducing contamination. This technology enables the maximization of the recycling potential of each item.

Globally, with the help of the machine, the company has collected 35 million recyclables, 26 million plastic bottles and 8.6 million aluminum cans, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

According to recent data, 4 billion plastic bottles are consumed annually in the UAE and about 40 percent of all plastic in the country is single-use.

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