US – Eco-friendly packaging solution provider SOFi has launched a new fabric-based, 100% compostable cup carrier for food and beverage businesses.

Dubbed, The SOFi Cup Carrier, the new product is made from spunlace cotton, which is the same material as flushable wipes.

The lightweight cup carrier is also claimed to biodegrade in both landfill and marine environments in less than 180 days.

According to SOFi, the durable cup carrier can hold beverages large and small, while the eco-chic design is ideal for Instagram posts and conversations.

The SOFi Cup Carrier, which comes in packs of 100, also offers a space-economical alternative for business owners compared to traditionally used pulp or cardboard carriers that often require customers to use two hands.

In addition, it enables customization on the new cup carrier, helping businesses create a seamless brand experience.

SOFi in a statement said: “When customers use the SOFi Cup Carrier, they simply place a beverage in its center and pull up its opposite edges, offering a hands-free carrying experience.”

The SOFi Cup Carrier complements the company’s other compostable products, including the SOFi Cold Cup and SOFi Straws.

The commonly used Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)-based packaging is associated with various adverse health outcomes, including reproductive harm, cancer, liver damage, and other ailments.

SOFi further added: “For a product that’s used for such a short period, traditional cup carriers carry a significant environmental impact.

“Those dull, brown cup carriers that are common in fast food are made from PFAS-based molded pulp, which takes years to biodegrade. When they eventually break down, PFAS chemicals seep into soil and waterways, contaminating water and wildlife.”

In July this year, the Miami-based firm unveiled the SOFi Cold Cup, the ‘first biodegradable cup to eliminate a lid.’

The SOFi Cold Cup is a foldable, plastic-free, and bioplastic-free cup that will biodegrade naturally within 180 days in landfills, soil, or marine environments.

The cup features four flaps that fold together to form a spill-proof lid and accommodate any of SOFi’s paper straws.

This design eliminates the need for a separate lid, saving businesses money on additional inventory as well as freight costs. By eliminating lids, the Cold Cup also opens up precious storage space inside businesses.

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