SWITZERLAND – Swiss packaging company SIG is incorporating ASI-certified aluminium to make its flagship packaging solutions eradicating production-based carbon emissions and acquiring extreme transparency within its supply chain.

The company has emphasized using 100% ASI-certified aluminium to create its patented aseptic cartons.

Though the company has been developing metal-free packaging solutions lately, the commercialization of those forms has not been fully achieved.

Until SIG finds a way to discard aluminium from its product’s concoction, the packaging leader will promote the use of Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) approved aluminium in its aseptic cartons.

The thin layer of aluminium that protects food and liquid from spillage is immensely crucial to the formation of a packaging solution; it basically increases the shelf life of a product.

SIG has decided to source ASI-certified aluminium only because they are sourced responsibly, and unlike other raw materials, they maintain a carbon emission quota during the production process.

ASI-approved aluminium can be deemed as the most ethical form of non-ferrous metal, as the organization devotes its entire time to the safe transmission of good quality aluminium.

Each SIG aseptic carton fresh from the packaging plant will now display an ASI label to demonstrate that its raw material has responsible origins.

SIG predicts that by decoding the aluminium suppliers’ ability under the protocols of ASI, the company will be able to induce a carbon-free circular economy across its products’ value chain.

Ian Wood, chief technology officer at SIG, notes: “Achieving 100% ASI-certified aluminium for SIG aseptic carton packs marks another industry first from SIG and a significant milestone on the Way Beyond Good.

“100% of our liquid packaging board is already purchased with FSC certification since 2021, and now we are continuing to deliver on our responsible sourcing ambitions by purchasing 100% ASI-certified aluminium.

“Customers can now include the ASI label, as well as the FSC label, on any SIG pack to show consumers these materials are sourced responsibly.”

Dr. Fiona Solomon, CEO at ASI, added: “The option for on-pack ASI labeling also offers a further opportunity to spread the message about responsible aluminium production and sourcing to consumers.”

Meanwhile, in 2019, the company became the first in the industry to offer ASI-certified aluminium to its customers and announced that all of its European packs would contain responsibly-sourced aluminium in 2020.

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