UK – Sidel, a leading provider of packaging solutions for the beverage industry, and British Sugar, the UK’s largest sugar producer, have announced a groundbreaking partnership to install an innovative end-of-line solution.

With increasing consumer demands and escalating sugar sales, British Sugar processes around 8 million tonnes of sugar beet to produce up to 1.2 million tonnes of sugar annually.

The company required a large-scale operations replacement for its end-of-line system that was over 38 years old, including a brand-new solution with a high level of multiple SKU complexity management and automation. 

James Warby, Project Integration Manager at British Sugar, explains: “We needed a partner with strong engineering and design expertise as the challenge was more complex due to the building constraints combined with our high level of technical specifications.

“Sidel’s collaborative approach from the beginning was excellent, they have been agile and transparent where we have had to work together to find solutions, their shared vision of a packaging line with our engineering team strengthened the trust we had in their capacity for delivering a turnkey solution and led us to decide to partner with them for this project.”

Sidel’s expertise in packaging technology combined with British Sugar’s commitment to sustainability will result in a breakthrough end-of-line solution that reduces waste and improves efficiency.

The new solution will integrate seamlessly into British Sugar’s production line, enabling the company to package its sugar products more efficiently and sustainably.

It will also help reduce the environmental impact of packaging by minimizing material waste and optimizing packaging processes.

Both Sidel and British Sugar are excited about the potential of this partnership and the positive impact it can have on the industry.

By working together, they hope to set a new standard for sustainable packaging solutions and inspire other companies to follow suit.

The installation of the breakthrough end-of-line solution is expected to begin in early 2024. Both companies are confident that this partnership will not only benefit their respective businesses but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the beverage industry.

Last week, Sidel introduced EvoBLOW XL for large PET containers. The new machine extends Sidel’s blowing capabilities for sizes up to 10L PET bottles and is suitable for water, edible oil and food markets.

With 75% of parts in common with the existing EvoBLOW range, the solution builds on Sidel’s proven performance and has been designed for multiple markets. Future developments are also taking place to extend the technology to address hotfill products.

With ever-changing consumer demands, the packaging industry requires solutions that can handle larger formats while being user-friendly and ergonomic.

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