FRANCE – Global packaging solutions company, Sidel has introduced 1SKIN, a unique label-less recycled PET bottle to help its customers achieve their sustainability goals and drive sales of high-end products.

The one-liter bottle is destined for the booming market in sensitive juices, teas and flavored drinks.
The new 1SKIN concept represents a breakthrough both in sustainability and in its streamlined design.

Made with readily available 100% recycled PET (r-PET), 1SKIN has been designed by Sidel for easy recycling.

The label-free bottle with its tethered cap can immediately enter the recycling stream with no need to separate additional raw materials such as ink, glue, labels or sleeves.

Customers choosing 1SKIN will stay ahead of the main worldwide regulations and market trends for sustainable packaging.

Launched at the international beverages trade fair, drinktec in Germany in September, the bottle has attracted interest from customers from all over the world seeking to make their packaging more sustainable.

Many of the major brands are embracing higher sustainability standards, driven by consumer influence as well as growing legislation to encourage recycling.

“We are delighted with the positive response to 1SKIN,” says Vincent Le Guen, Vice President – Packaging at Sidel.

“We have demonstrated that it is possible to combine outstanding design and strong sustainability credentials in one affordable premium bottle.”

In addition, 1SKIN is made to stand out on shelves in one of the fastest-growing and most competitive beverage segments.

The bottle is designed to deliver an appealing drinking experience, with an ergonomic grip for comfortable pouring.

On the bottle’s label-free surface there are multiple options to use differing fonts and textures, with the transparency enabling great opportunities for natural light and shadow play.

The ultra-precise graphic elements are created using Sidel’s most advanced mold technologies combined with its blow molding expertise.

The QR or bar codes can be printed on the bottle closure to provide information to consumers or enable individual unit sales.

The bottle design guarantees safety and protects the integrity of products with a long shelf life. Sidel’s patented Starlite™ Sensitive base technology combines a premium glass-like design with optimized weight and performance on high-speed lines.

Sidel can include the 1SKIN solution in new equipment or add it to existing lines using its dedicated line conversion services.

The line equipment is adapted accordingly, ensuring a quick and efficient start-up. The bottle’s optimized neck requires fewer raw materials and so can also reduce production costs.

Earlier this month, the France-based company joined the R-Cycle, committing to drive circular circularity in plastic packaging.

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