FRANCE – Sidel, an eminent provider of packaging solutions for the beverage industry, has forged an alliance with EcoVadis, a distinguished sustainability evaluation entity, to propel its sustainable supply chain endeavors.

In this collaboration, EcoVadis will scrutinize and appraise the environmental, social, and ethical performance of Sidel’s suppliers, in alignment with the company’s fresh supply chain strategy.

With a rich history spanning over 17 years, EcoVadis has assessed upwards of 125,000 companies globally, focusing on critical domains such as environmental footprint, labor standards, ethical conduct, and sustainable procurement.

This partnership signifies a notable stride for Sidel in bolstering its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Francesca Bellucci, Sidel’s ESG head, underscored, in a statement, the significance of robust supplier partnerships in realizing ESG objectives. “Our sustainable supply chain strategy lies at the heart of our ESG practices: over 10% of our carbon emissions originate upstream, and we bear full responsibility for upholding human rights standards across the entire value chain. Robust supplier relationships are imperative to attaining our ambitious ESG goals.”

By transitioning to EcoVadis assessments and urging its suppliers to engage with platforms like SEDEX and CDP, Sidel endeavors to infuse sustainability throughout its supply chain.

Sidel’s collaboration with EcoVadis resonates with its pledge to adhere to the EU’s Green Deal principles and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Through this partnership, Sidel aims to substantially curtail greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain by 2030, while upholding human rights and ethical governance standards.

Julien Carboni, strategic account executive at EcoVadis, emphasized the significance of communication and cooperation in nurturing sustainable practices among suppliers.

“Communication and collaborative action are pivotal to success in aiding suppliers to adopt sustainability practices. By collaborating with EcoVadis, Sidel’s suppliers can meet burgeoning regulatory and due diligence requisites while showcasing their sustainability commitment to their clientele through a reputable sustainability rating.”

Bellucci reiterated Sidel’s unwavering commitment to transparent collaboration across its value chain, supplementing, “At Sidel, we firmly believe that robust and transparent collaboration across the entire value chain is the sole path to addressing the challenge of creating a greener and brighter future for all.”

Sidel has been at the forefront of innovating packaging with diminished environmental footprints over the years.

Most recently, the company introduced EvoFILL PET, an innovative filler tailored for water and still beverages, to the packaging landscape. Sidel asserts that this space-efficient filler can accommodate high production velocities of up to 90,000 bottles per hour (bph) with a footprint reduced by 15 percent.

Tommaso Tegoni, Product Manager Filling at Sidel, spotlighted the simplified configuration of EvoFILL PET, featuring a reduced number of transfer star wheels and a more compact front table and process unit.

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