USA – SGD Pharma, a provider of pharmaceutical packaging solutions, has introduced a novel array of Type I tubular vials showcasing the revolutionary ‘Velocity Vial’ coating technology from Corning.

This pioneering offering is engineered to augment product excellence and amplify patient security within the pharmaceutical realm.

The fresh assortment encompasses premium Type I injectable vials sculpted from tubular glass, now fortified with a sleek coating that streamlines performance throughout the fill and finish process.

Forged through a strategic alliance between SGD Pharma and Corning, this avant-garde solution aims to heighten pharmaceutical filling-line efficacy while hastening the global dissemination of injectable therapies.

Malfunctioning vials present formidable hurdles to production pipelines, potentially precipitating costly recalls and manufacturing interruptions.

SGD Pharma’s Velocity Vial proposition assuages these hazards by curbing frictional resistance, thereby forestalling commonplace issues like tip-overs, blockages, and glass fractures along the filling lines.

By augmenting glass caliber and curtailing disruptions, the novel coating technology yields palpable advantages, with the fill and finish process registering a surge in efficiency by 20-50 percent.

Furthermore, the jeopardy of vial fissures and glass debris contamination is markedly curtailed, with SGD Pharma asserting up to a 96 percent decline in glass particulates.

This abatement in glass particulates not only elevates product integrity and security but also shields end-users from potential hazards linked with contamination during fill and finish operations.

SGD Pharma’s Type I tubular glass vials, already compliant with rigorous USP and EP requisites, are manufactured and dispensed in alignment with ISO GMP standards, ensuring fidelity to the utmost quality benchmarks.

Presented in both transparent and amber glass iterations, the Velocity Vial coating technology harmonizes with standard vial dimensions spanning from 2R to 20R, with provisions for larger sizes procurable upon request.

Furthermore, the technology aligns with the regulatory criteria delineated by EU and US health authorities, underscoring its adaptability for global pharmaceutical endeavors.

SGD Pharma’s latest breakthrough marks a momentous stride in pharmaceutical packaging, pledging escalated efficiency, fortified safety, and refined product caliber throughout the sector.

Last month, the company outlined its ambitious goal to emerge as the premier global provider of primary pharmaceutical glass packaging.

CEO Olivier Rousseau envisions substantial growth for SGD Pharma in 2024, particularly in the domains of innovation, industry, and sustainability.

Rousseau emphasizes this vision by elucidating the notable investment milestones achieved in 2023, illustrating SGD Pharma’s strategic groundwork for the envisaged expansion.

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