USA – ProAmpac, a leading American flexible packaging enterprise, has unveiled a groundbreaking high-barrier fibre-based solution in Europe, aptly named ‘ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt’.

Tailored for a diverse array of thermoforming applications, this sustainable innovation caters to products ranging from sliced cheese and chilled cooked meats to cold cuts and fish.

Compliant with On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) guidelines, ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt boasts over 90% paper content, offering a commendable eco-friendly alternative.

Its adaptability extends to Multivac lines, accommodating formations up to 22mm, thereby presenting packaging companies and brands with a versatile and printable fibre-based packaging choice.

Moreover, the solution supports a circular economy approach, as it is kerbside recyclable in the UK and Ireland.

Noteworthy is its remarkable contribution to plastic reduction targets, boasting a substantial 93% decrease in plastic utilization compared to conventional alternatives.

Beyond sustainability benefits, ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt exudes a natural shelf presence, aligning with consumer preferences for renewable packaging materials.

The solution is printable on both sides in up to eight colors, offering bleached or kraft options. Supplied on a reel, FibreSculpt currently ranges from 200m to 1,200m, ensuring adaptability to diverse packaging requisites.

Adam West, ProAmpac Europe product development engineer, remarked, “ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt offers exceptional grease resistance for optimal shelf appearance and boasts a high barrier to prolong product shelf life.

“Combined with ProAmpac’s high-barrier top web solutions with paper texture, ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt furnishes customers with a sustainable and premium flexible packaging platform.”

In another pioneering endeavor, ProAmpac, in collaboration with Aptar CSP, has introduced the ProActive Intelligence Moisture Protect (MP-1000), an innovative moisture-adsorbing technology revolutionizing moisture protection in flexible packaging.

Harnessing Aptar’s CSP Technologies’ 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology, MP-1000 platforms effectively lower moisture levels in the packaging headspace, rendering them ideal for applications necessitating precise moisture control.

Hesam Tabatabaei, senior vice president of global product development and innovation for ProAmpac, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The launch of the Moisture Protect MP-1000 platforms marks a significant addition to the ProActive Intelligence product line.

“This cutting-edge product exhibits impressive moisture-adsorbing capabilities, poised to redefine moisture protection in flexible packaging.

“Our collaborative efforts with Aptar CSP Technologies have enabled us to introduce state-of-the-art active packaging solutions to the market.”

These platforms offer a plethora of advantages, including the elimination of sachets, reduced downtime, enhanced product quality and texture, extended shelf life, and minimized product waste.

Particularly beneficial for probiotics and hygroscopic food products, the solution not only adsorbs excess moisture within the package headspace but also safeguards the contents from moisture exposure, a common occurrence during packaging.

Sam Kessler, senior innovation engineer for active/intelligent packaging for ProAmpac, highlighted the customizable microclimate protection offered by MP-1000, tailored to diverse product requirements.

With impeccable seal characteristics and compatibility with high-speed form-fill-sealing equipment, MP-1000 ensures product integrity and seamless integration with existing flexible packaging equipment.

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