KENYA – The Packaging Producer Responsibility Organization (PAKPRO), in collaboration with Tetra Pak East Africa, has launched a project to recover used beverage cartons in Kenya.

According to a LinkedIn post by PAKPRO, the development has been introduced to create value for post-consumer liquid board packaging (LBP).

This effort will also boost the economic opportunities for both collectors and aggregators within the waste recovery business of the country.

The launch of this project was marked by an official ceremony, which was attended by various officials such as Kenya Green Building Society chair Amzeena Bhaiji.

Speaking at the event, Tetra Pak East Africa managing director Jonathan Kinisu said: “In alignment with EPR [extended producer responsibility] regulations and the Waste Management Act [of Kenya], we are taking a lead role in supporting the collection and recycling value chain.

“We are working closely with our recyclers and together with PAKPRO to create consumer awareness and increase recycling volume.”

As part of this collaboration, associated collectors and aggregators will be able to sell their recovered used beverage cartons to LBP recyclers.

PAKPRO said that the project is expected to recover 1,500 tonnes of used beverage carton packs from across the country, which account for 30% of produced LBP in Kenya.

The first two domestic recyclers to participate in this project are Ramani Warehouse and Ekotech.

Ramani managing director Richard Rugendo said: “We must challenge the government and ourselves, to embrace recyclables and recycled items.

“Recycled items are valuable and unless they are consumed – we will still have the same waste-management challenges.”

Located in Thika, Kiambu County, Ramani specializes in manufacturing all-weather eco-boards by recycling used beverage cartons.

These cartons are mainly used for packaging milk, water, juices, and wines, PAKPRO noted in an update.

In another post, Africa Press quoted PAKPRO CEO Joyce Gachugi-Waweru as saying: “As Kenya ushers mandatory extended producer responsibility on 1 November 2023, this kick-start project will serve as a catalyst to the recovery of post-consumer liquid board packaging.”

The report confirmed that this effort is being launched in Nairobi, Kajiado, Nakuru, and Kiambu within the country.

Tetra Pak and PAKPRO will also collaborate to improve awareness by increasing educational activities among the Kenyan public on issues related to segregation and collection.

As well as actively engaging all stakeholders, including the government, PROs, collectors, and recyclers to ensure that the circularity of UBCs is achieved.

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