NORWAY – Oslo-based producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products, TINE has adopted Berry’s Polypropylene (PP) pots incorporating 50% recycled material to package its dairy products.

TINE has converted the packaging for two of its Rømme products and one of its sour creams from polystyrene (PS) to PP pots with 50% recycled material, calculated using the mass balance approach, certified by the International Sustainability & Carbon (ISCC PLUS) system.

TINE’s head of sustainability Bjørn Malm said: “At TINE, we want all our packaging to be made of renewable or recycled material by 2025. Our new packaging solution for Rømme and sour cream is an important step towards our goal.”

Rømme is a dairy product best described as a fusion of sour cream and cream, used to create tasty dressings, dips, porridge and other dishes.

TINE has introduced the pots using recycled PP (rPP) for its Rømme 300g Lettrømme 17%, 300g Seterrømme 35% and 300g Creme Fraiche 35%.

Gradually, the company says rPP will also be phased in on six other products in pots. In the long run, TINE is planning to use rPP for its entire portfolio of products for cooking, in line with the EU’s target for 50% of all plastic packaging to be recycled in 2025, rising to 55% in 2030.

“If we are to reach the EU goals, it is evident that both Norway and all other EU countries must increase material recycling by tens of thousands of tonnes in the years to come,” added Bjørn Malm.

“Switching from PS to PP is a good way of contributing to this since a larger share of PP than PS is recycled. Therefore, we are very pleased to have successfully converted to 50% rPP based on the mass balance approach for three of our main products.”

In addition, TINE points out that PP cups are more robust than PS ones which, in turn, increases user functionality for the customer.

Meanwhile, in its effort to drive sustainability in packaging, Berry Global has been developing packaging with rPP which is recyclable.

Last month, the company developed lightweight, tethered closure for Coca-Cola carbonated soft drinks in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

Berry’s new tethered closure for Coca-Cola is designed to remain intact with the bottle – making it less likely to be littered and more likely to be recycled.

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