KENYA – US-based packaging provider NEXGEN Packaging is set to erect a new US$2 million (Sh245.5 million) plant in Nairobi to begin operations in April next year.

The factory, to be domiciled within the Export Processing Zone at Athi River, promises at least an additional 50 direct jobs for locals on top of tilting favor for indirect investments into the region.

 In addition, the investment will bolster the company’s operations in Ethiopia, Egypt and West Africa.

The facility will also expand Nexgen’s product offerings into the African market, with a focus on sustainable solutions.

The company aims to make Kenya its primary production location in Africa.

In partnership with Contech Container Technology Ltd., Nexgen is establishing a sustainable footprint in Kenya by using “upcycled” shipping containers as the base of three facilities being constructed.

Within these facilities, Nexgen will have the ability to produce and/or deliver packaging products including care labels, heat transfers, variable data products (including RFID tags and stickers), brand identification products, woven labels and other packaging offerings.

The firm’s sales director for East Africa Javier Menchen added that the new plant will produce tags and labels for the fashion industry which must be attached to the garments before export.

Manuel Torres, Managing Director for Nexgen’s EMEA operations said: “We could not be more excited about the opportunity to establish our African headquarters in Kenya.

“We are building a great team in Nairobi with significant industry and regional experience. Combined with the investments we are making in capabilities and capacity; I am confident that customers will see immediately the value we will bring to their African production operations.”

Since its inception over 16 years ago, Nexgen has become a leading producer of packaging solutions for the retail, apparel, and footwear industries by listening to customers and responding quickly and nimbly to their needs.

Nexgen’s focus on providing truly sustainable offerings and investing in an optimized supply chain is a unique approach in the industry and one of the primary reasons customers are choosing Nexgen as their strategic global supplier.

Jim Welch, Nexgen’s CEO added: “Our team at Nexgen takes great pride in exceeding the present and future needs of our customers which is why we are strategic to many brands and retailers globally.

“Interest in the production of apparel, footwear and home products in Africa is significant today and will grow dramatically over the coming years.

“This investment in Kenya is a perfect example of how we align our investments with the strategic needs of our customers.”

Besides Kenya, the company has sales and manufacturing operations globally with headquarters in Hong Kong, Chicago, and Madrid.

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