SOUTH AFRICA – Namaqua Wines, a prominent South African wine producer, has partnered with SIG, selecting them as the preferred supplier for carton packaging for its low-alcohol wine range.

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This collaboration marks Namaqua’s inaugural venture into aseptic carton filling technology—a significant shift from reliance on co-packers.

The company has begun production using SIG’s Slimline Aseptic filling machine, with Namaqua’s low-alcohol wines now packaged in SIG’s SlimlineBloc 1-liter cartons.

This new packaging approach meets evolving consumer preferences and bolsters Namaqua’s position in the market.

Gabor Rapolthy, Head of Marketing and Analytics at Namaqua Wines expressed enthusiasm for this strategic move: “By investing in our aseptic carton filling technology, we are paving the way for further growth, beginning with our low-alcohol wine range.

“Our close partnership with SIG will aid in expanding our production volume and enhancing our footprint in the South African market.”

Namaqua is a key player in the South African wine scene. It is responsible for producing nearly one-sixth of the country’s wine, showcasing the region’s unique viticultural character.

Abdelghany Eladib, President & General Manager India, Middle East and Africa at SIG, reflected on the partnership: “Having been established in South Africa for many decades, we view Namaqua’s new investment as a significant step forward.

“As a leading supplier of carton packaging for wine in South Africa, we’re excited to expand our partnership starting with Namaqua’s innovative low-alcohol wine selection.”

New aseptic spouted pouch filling system

Additionally, SIG recently announced the launch of its new aseptic spouted pouch filling system, the SIG Prime 55 In-Line Aseptic.

The SIG Prime 55 In-Line Aseptic system introduces a unique method for in-line sterilization of pre-made spouted pouches, a feature that sets it apart from other systems and eliminates the need for third-party pre-sterilization.

The SIG Prime 55 In-Line Aseptic system not only simplifies the supply chain but also significantly reduces production costs for aseptically packaged products, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

The system debuted at the 2024 Anuga FoodTec exhibition in Cologne, Germany, where Christoph Wegener, Chief Markets Officer at SIG, highlighted its significance: “With the SIG Prime 55 In-Line Aseptic, we are applying decades of expertise in aseptic carton technology to spouted pouches, revolutionizing sterilization processes and giving producers unprecedented control over their production lines.”

Massimo Annaratone, Global Business Line Director of Spouted Pouch at SIG, also commented on the system’s capabilities: “Aseptically packaged products, such as fruit purees, sauces, and baby foods, retain their high quality and taste, maintaining nutritional value without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.

“With this new system, we are extending the potential for delivering better nutrition through a format that offers convenience, quality, and sustainability.”

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