GERMANY – Paper and packaging company, Mondi has partnered with German machine producer Heiber + Schröder to develop eComPack, an automated packaging machine for e-commerce.

The new eComPack machine is designed for mid to large-size eCommerce operations seeking efficiency and reliability.

It can process up to 500 parcels per hour thanks to an automated erecting, filling and closing process.

The technological expertise of paper and board packaging automation expert Heiber + Schröder forms a perfect synergy with Mondi’s innovative packaging solutions.

The resulting high-output eComPack can automatically process a wide scope of goods using one height-adaptable packaging design that is available in varied sizes.

The equipment stands out for its compact floor space requirement and simplicity in operation and maintenance.

Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director, Mondi Corrugated Solutions said: “In the rapidly growing world of eCommerce, the combination of an excellent paper-based product and an efficient and economically automated packaging machine is a key differentiator for our customers.

“The successful introduction of Mondi’s EnvelopeMailer solution increased manual packaging output by 8% compared to standard C-folder packaging.

“With eComPack, we are now enabling our customers to double their output and optimize packing operations in fulfillment centers handling high volumes.”

The eCommerce market has grown significantly in recent years, accounting for approximately 20% of global retail sales in 2021.

This means a wider variety of goods is being distributed, which increases packing complexity and requires versatile packaging solutions of different sizes and shapes.

At the same time, with the rising cost of labor, the desire for packing machines in eCommerce is more prominent than ever before.

To help customers tackle these challenges, eComPack provides a solution dedicated to the automated packaging of Mondi’s corrugated eCommerce solution EnvelopeMailer.

Made to safely fit single or multiple items and rectangular as well as irregular shapes up to 7 cm in height, the EnvelopeMailer’s flexibility in the fulfillment process, efficiency in handling, and economical use of material and space have made it an all-around new standard in the market since its launch in 2020.

André Garmer, Managing Director Heiber + Schröder, concludes: “Together with Mondi, we developed the machine in a very dynamic co-creation process. The result is a robust, user-friendly machine with top-class usability.

“Through clever and responsible creation, we were able to synchronize packaging design and machine functionality into a solution that offers tremendous potential if combined with the right packaging solution.”

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