POLAND – Mondi has provided online retailer MODIVO SA with a range of corrugated boxes and paper-based MailerBAGS to be applied to its fashion items in the hopes of optimizing product protection, packaging space, and money.

The new solutions are expected to replace the rigid packaging currently used by MODIVO to transport shoes, bags, and clothes to consumers.

It is said that most of MODIVO’s orders are now packaged in MailerBAGS, which is claimed to be reusable, recyclable, and available in three different designs to ensure both the safe transportation of products and the reduction of air inside the packaging.

Łukasz Boguszewski, logistics director at MODIVO, states: “Mondi was able to improve our packaging considerably and support us in reaching our sustainability goals.

“The Mondi portfolio offers solutions that are fit for purpose, using less space and material, while still protecting the goods on their way to our customers.

“Not only is this shift more environmentally friendly and cost-effective for our business, but it also reflects our commitment to meeting our customers’ expectations and consistently improving their experience.”

The bags are available in three designs to protect their contents while reducing the air in the bag. Less air inside packaging reduces shipping space and therefore cost.

“Our aim at Mondi is to create packaging solutions that are sustainable by design and work for the consumer, the customer and the environment – the MailerBAG range does that, offering a sustainable, easy-to-use alternative,” says Thierry De Vleminck, project manager MailerBag, Mondi.

Mondi has also revealed its goal of expanding MailerBag production to approximately 350 million bags per year.

According to the company, if the bags are used to replace standard plastic mailers at this scale, it has the potential to substitute approximately 7,000 metric tons of plastic per year.

Earlier this year, Mondi developed a packaging solution for the e-commerce industry in collaboration with German machine supplier beck packautomaten.

The FunctionalBarrier Paper solution is made 95% from paper and can be recycled in all European paper waste streams.

The flexible, paper-based packaging has stronger barrier properties to prevent products. including electronic goods, from water vapour and moisture during transport.

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