EGYPT – In conjunction with the Plastic-Free July month, Lafarge Egypt has collaborated with Geocycle Egypt to launch a voluntary initiative to remove plastic waste from the Nile River.

The initiative hinges on cleaning the Nile water from all plastic wastes in Dahab Island, with the active and voluntary participation of around 35 Lafarge Egypt and Geocycle Egypt’s employees.

Geocycle Egypt will be responsible for treating the waste collected with a process called “co-processing”, where all waste is reused as an alternative energy source instead of burning fossil fuels in cement.

This initiative is considered a critical and effective step in raising awareness about the danger of plastic pollution and the importance of improving the environment. It also encourages active participation in maintaining cleanliness in the region.

Additionally, it confirms the commitment of Lafarge Egypt and Geocycle Egypt to adhering to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and motivates employees to adopt a culture of voluntary participation, enhancing their sense of belonging to the community and improving the quality of life in the region at large.

This project is in line with Lafarge Egypt and Geocycle Egypt’s sustainability strategy, which focuses on environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability for a greener future. 

According to the companies, it will be achieved through the preservation of natural resources, the use of eco-friendly raw materials in manufacturing processes, sustainable and safe waste management practices, and the promotion of clean energy usage.

The two companies are committed to complying with health and safety regulations, which aligns with Holcim’s net-zero pledge by accelerating green growth and buildings progress for people and the planet.

These efforts are also in line with Egypt’s plan to transition to a green economy and its efforts to adopt sustainable technologies to achieve Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Jimmy Khan, CEO of Lafarge Egypt, affirmed the company’s commitment to providing real value to society through positive and effective participation, as well as recycling waste as an alternative fuel during cement production to achieve an integrated environmental system.

He said: “I am very proud of today’s initiative. We must all spread the culture of preserving the environment from within and through our employees.

“Therefore, the act of volunteering must be embedded as an essential part of institutional work in companies, and it should be continuously supported and encouraged for a more prosperous community socially and environmentally.”

Adham El Mahdy, General Manager of Geocycle Egypt, added: “We play a pivotal role in solving the issue of safe waste disposal, as we have extensive experience and are pioneers in the waste management field.

“This aligns with our strategy to drive Egypt’s green transition, reduce environmental pollution, and achieve Holcim’s “Building New from Old” strategy, in addition to Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our goal is to turn waste from a problem into a genuine opportunity.

“Through today’s initiative, in cooperation with Lafarge Egypt, we were able to collect around 350 KG of waste, which will be processed and treated environmentally with safe precautions.”

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