BELGIUM – Swiss packaging machinery and services supplier Bobst has unveiled new product innovations aimed at simplifying label production, while disclosing fresh strategic alliances and supplier partnerships at Labelexpo Europe 2023.

The company announced new products in line with its industry vision based on four key pillars – connectivity, digitalization, automation, and sustainability. These include a digital label press and an inkjet module for high-opacity white printing.

Matteo Cardinotti, head of the narrow mid-web printing and converting product line at Bobst, said: “We plan to showcase Bobst’s superior solutions for narrow web challenges at Labelexpo Europe 2023.

“Our technology is designed to combine automation, digitalization, and connectivity with the sustainability-driven needs of the market.

“Bobst is leading innovation across these four key pillars, simplifying label production and empowering converters to achieve greater possibilities.”

Bobst has achieved a significant milestone by adding over 100 narrow-mid-web presses for labels and packaging to its installed base within the last 12 months.

This accomplishment has helped the company reach a global installation of more than 100 digital machines. Furthermore, Bobst remains committed to providing a comprehensive range of presses, including flexo, pure digital, and All-in-One (hybrid) technologies.

In other news, Bobst has formed a strategic partnership with Visutech, which will serve as a distributor for Nordic countries.

Visutech’s team of over 20 seasoned members will provide local support and sales representation by leveraging their expertise in selling, installing, and servicing digital printing presses.

The Bobst narrow-mid-web product portfolio, including flexo, digital, and All-in-One machines, will be represented, and the Visutech Digital Academy will play a significant role in educating the Nordic market on all aspects of Bobst technologies.

Xeikon introduces new toner label press

Meanwhile, Xeikon has introduced a new high-productivity and highly automated dry toner press aimed specifically at volume label printing with the highest quality.

The Xeikon LX3000 model, called The LION, is being presented to the public for the first time at the Xeikon booth during Labelexpo Europe 2023.

Built for a web width of 330mm, the Xeikon Lion LX3000 is a five-color dry toner press developed as the answer to customer demands for higher productivity and more cost-effective technology for mass production of high-quality digital labels.

The press runs at 42 m/min, reflecting a 40 percent speed increase from Xeikon’s current 30 m/min capability. Its automated, precise quality control ensures that the final product meets the highest standards without manual intervention.

The Xeikon LX3000 features Xeikon’s Cruise Control System, which utilizes advanced vision technology and artificial intelligence to continuously monitor and automatically adjust print production settings.

Cruise Control checks, adjusts and reports on five key settings to ensure precise color registration, print station densities, and consistency with the set color reference. as production quality depends on external (environment, substrate, operator) and internal (print process) factors.

If the quality does not meet customer expectations, an automatic notification is generated and printed alongside the print. This physical marking can drive the next actions in the following steps of the manufacturing process.

Dantex launches new technology for Pico range

Finally, specialist digital label press manufacturer Dantex Group has launched a series of ‘technological advancements’ to its Pico range of digital UV inkjet presses.

Chief executive Ben Danon showcased a host of upgrades to visitors and industry experts on the inaugural day of the show, using the Dantex stand and a fully specced PicoJet 1200 as a backdrop.

Innovations include the addition of new DRS (Digital Resolution System) and print head technology powered by Ricoh, inline finishing now with semi-rotary die-cutting in addition to full rotary, and a new and exciting partnership with ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH (AMP) for its sustainable metallization technology, ECOLEAF.

The collaboration with ACTEGA Metal Print by increasing the range of effects achievable with PicoJet.

Designed for a broad variety of markets, ECOLEAF is a digital solution enabling metallization embellishments onto self-adhesive labels.

By using only the precise amount of metal required for the printed area, ECOLEAF eradicates the use of hot and cold foil rolls and their subsequent high impact on waste.

Danon said: “This year’s launch surpassed all expectations. The PicoJet series, with its innovative and advanced technologies, promises our customers an unparalleled printing experience.

“The strides we’ve made in clarity, interface refinement and state-of-the-art finishes all bolster PicoJet’s leadership in the digital printing space.”

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