KENYA – The Kenya Extended Producer Responsibility Organization (KEPRO) has launched the Consumer-Led Transformation (CLT) Program, a visionary initiative for a sustainable future.

This triennial program themed ‘my waste, my responsibility’ empowers consumers to embrace eco-conscious decisions, fostering a collective obligation for environmental guardianship.

The inauguration witnessed the presence of industry stakeholders such as the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA), Mr. Green Africa, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), among others.

The initiative seeks to instigate behavioral shifts and advocate for policies conducive to sustainable waste management, as articulated by KEPRO.

Moreover, CLT aims to unite consumers, producers, and authorities to advocate for plastic circularity within the nation.

“We are transitioning our focus from attributing fault to identifying lacunae. The current predicament lies in the intersection of Acts and regulations, where one may impede what another promotes,” remarked Eva Muhia – Commissioner, Nairobi Rivers Commission.

“Through extensive research and literature reviews, it becomes apparent that the primary solution is to streamline efforts effectively.”

Akshay Shah, Board Chair at KEPRO, further elaborated, “Envision the ecosystem as a tripod, where industry, consumers, and government constitute the pillars. Should these three pillars fail to synchronize their endeavors, the tripod becomes unsteady.

“The remedy lies in providing the support that harmonizes these pillars, embodied by BMOs, NGOs, CBOs, media, and various institutions, all fulfilling pivotal roles. The only means to assume responsibility is by synchronizing our actions.”

To establish a unified standard necessitates guidelines applicable not only in Kenya but across Africa.

In pursuit of this endeavor, the Kenya Bureau of Standards has collaborated closely with industry stakeholders to establish PET recycling standards.

Albert Nyagechi – Manager- Chemical & Environment Standards, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) elucidates, “We concentrate on formulating industry-driven standards, paving the way for subsequent departments to enforce regulations.

“Our mandate entails providing a platform for experts to collectively develop and agree upon consensus standards. Particularly in the domain of recovery and recycling, we are actively involved in crafting a suite of standards for recyclers.

“While some of these standards are presently accessible for reference and guidance, their enforcement is forthcoming.”

With this fresh initiative, KEPRO embarks on a mission to educate a broader audience of consumers and the general populace on sustainable waste management practices.

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