ISRAEL – Global supplier of integrated, technology-based fruit solutions, Gat Foods has selected Berry Global to develop distinct freezer-safe packaging solutions for its fruit juice concentrations.

Gat Foods required container sizes of 21 liters for the business-to-business market and 280 milliliters for the consumer market.

Berry’s 21L SuperCube container and 280ml custom version of its UniPak container were ideal, due to both packs’ robust design that ensures product protection and integrity throughout the supply chain.

Miriam Vider, Gat Foods’ purchasing director said: “The freezer safety of the packaging for our frozen fruit juice concentrate is naturally extremely important.

“Previously, we experienced cracks, particularly in the lids and during transportation. Naturally, this resulted in claims and wasted produce.

“To address this issue, we set out to find a packaging partner capable of guaranteeing freezer safety for our frozen juice concentrates.”

Miriam Vider approached Berry Global having had positive experiences with the company in her previous role.

“I had worked with Berry before and knew of the high standard of their solutions,” she added. “We received valuable insights from the company and worked collaboratively to develop the final packaging choices.

“We also appreciate Berry’s outstanding service, especially having a dedicated contact person who is readily available and follows up on our queries.”

In addition to freezer safety, the Berry containers have provided important additional benefits to Gat Foods’ palletizing processes and packaging artwork quality.

Previously, the vulnerability of the lids to cracking prevented the automated palletizing of the large containers, resulting in the need for manual sealing of each drum using a hammer.

The introduction of Berry’s SuperCube has enabled Gat Foods to automate this process, saving significant time and streamlining its operations.

Recently, Berry introduced a new generation of its patented NorDiVent form-fill-seal (FFS) film with up to 50% recycled plastic content for powdered products.

The new film is expected to meet customer and consumer demand for goods with increasing recycled content. It also aligns with Berry’s sustainability strategy for 2025 and its commitment to developing solutions to meet and exceed customers’ sustainability goals.

According to the US-based plastic packaging products maker, the recycled material content has not affected the user benefits of NorDiVent. Its durable and patented design offers consistently reliable performance.

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