TURKEY – Depart, a company of Alapala Holding specializing in milling spare part sales and after-sales services, has signed an agreement with Italy-based DM Packaging to expand packaging operations in Turkey.

Under the agreement, Depart will provide sales and marketing for horizontal/flowback packaging systems for the food industry, including bakery, chocolate and confectionery products in Turkey. It also will provide end-of-line packaging machines.

Commenting on the agreement, Cengiz Tiryakioğlu, General Manager of Depart, said: “As Depart, we recently entered the packaging sector. In our evaluations, we have found that we have made rapid progress during this period.

“Since we are a company that aims to meet all our customer’s needs, we decided to expand Depart’s packaging solutions. We agreed and signed an agency agreement with DM Packaging, one of the leading companies in Italy.”

Tiryakioğlu added: “DM designs and manufactures primary packaging flowpack systems and offers customized solutions for the food industry, including bakery, chocolate and confectionery.

“I hope that the sales and marketing cooperation we have started under the Depart umbrella will be beneficial for all of us.”

With its worldwide distribution network, after-sales services and high customer satisfaction, Depart is rapidly advancing in packaging.

Under the name of “Depart Packaging Solutions,” Depart said it meets the needs of all sectors that use packaging.

The firm’s decision to expand in Turkey comes at a time when about 5.5 million tonnes of packaging is consumed yearly in the country, according to a report by the Ministry of Trade of Turkey.

The breakdown of packaging products consumption in the country is 39% for paper, carton and corrugated board packaging, 33% for plastic packaging, 13% for glass packaging, 8% for wood packaging and 7% for metal packaging.

Turkey produces all types of packaging materials and products such as paper, cardboard, wrapping film, tape, plastics, glass, metal and wood.

The need to arrange the product for packaging according to its physical and chemical properties has led to different ways of utilizing the main materials by processing them with new technologies.

GlobalData also predicts that the market valued at 66.5 billion units in 202, is expected to achieve a CAGR of more than 2% during 2021-2026.

New packaging companies entering the market the already existing ones will likely take advantage of the market growth fueled by increased consumer demands to provide sustainable packaging solutions.

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