UK – Leading European packaging manufacturer Coveris has partnered with Notpla to develop a range of recyclable food cartons.

Developed using Notpla’s barrier coating technology, the new coated-board packaging is fully printed and branded.

Notpla Coating is a unique mix of seaweed and plant extracts that provides a food-safe barrier function, and which disappears naturally in 4-6 weeks at end of life.

Unlike Polylactic acid (PLA), Notpla Coating allows the pack to be both recyclable and home compostable and is based on one of nature’s most renewable resources, seaweed, which doesn’t compete with food crops and actively contributes to de-acidifying our oceans.

The biodegradable packs feature specialist water-based inks designed to improve sustainability, as well as an advanced oil barrier function claimed to offer better performance than plastic.

The naturally coated board packs will replace all-plastic containers or hybrid filmic-laminated board solutions that need plastic liners for grease and moisture resistance.

Notpla has also devised a unique comparative test that shows just how rapidly Notpla Coating is broken down by nature, in comparison to other coating materials for food-to-go applications, while other industry testing is underway.

The packs are offered as off-the-shelf Notpla own-brand takeaway boxes and custom-printed designs.

Fully approved for food-contact applications, the packaging was also launched at the Women’s European Championship (Euro 2022) final at Wembley Stadium, London.

Coveris Food-on-the-move category director Emma Moate said: “We’re proud to have worked alongside Notpla as their development and print partner, marking a major step in delivering a more sustainable future for foodservice brands and products.

“Given the functional requirements of packaging combined with disposal challenges in this sector, the new coated packs are the packaging of the future, supporting our journey towards No Waste through combined food and packaging waste reduction for our customers.”

Meanwhile in March this year, Coveris collaborated with pet food producer Irish Dog Food to develop recyclable bags for its products.

Irish Dog Food adopted bags made from fully recyclable mono-material polyethylene (PE) to replace its previous bags, which contained non-recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PE).

By adopting the new packaging, Irish Dog Food aims to offer recyclable and premium packaging in bigger sizes.

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