IRELAND – Centrica and Mitsubishi Power Europe have forged a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to venture into the development, construction, and operation of an ammonia-fired power plant in Cork, Ireland.

This pioneering initiative, steered by Centrica’s Irish subsidiary Bord Gáis Energy, seeks to establish Europe’s inaugural ammonia-fired power generation facility, marking a significant milestone as the second of its kind globally.

The proposed site for this groundbreaking endeavor is Bord Gáis Energy’s 445MW Whitegate gas power station in Cork.

By utilizing low-carbon ammonia as a sustainable and clean fuel source for power generation, the project aims to ensure a stable power supply while curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Following the MOU signing, both parties have formed a project team to initiate comprehensive feasibility studies.

Upon positive outcomes, Centrica and Mitsubishi intend to engage with local stakeholders, fostering collaboration and transparency in the project’s development.

Javier Cavada, President, and CEO of Mitsubishi Power Europe, Middle East, and Africa, expressed Mitsubishi Power’s dedication to pioneering technology that facilitates ammonia’s direct firing for power generation.

He emphasized the collaborative effort with Centrica Energy and Bord Gáis Energy as a significant stride towards achieving a greener, sustainable energy landscape.

Low-carbon ammonia’s higher volumetric density, as highlighted by Centrica, provides an advantage over hydrogen, offering a transportable and storable green hydrogen solution.

It’s touted as a zero-carbon emission fuel, showcasing promise as a crucial element in the shift towards a low-carbon energy ecosystem.

The forthcoming power generation facility at Whitegate CCGT power station is anticipated to serve as a global exemplar for ammonia-fired power generation technology.

It promises to offer valuable insights into the viability and scalability of low-carbon ammonia as a green fuel, setting the stage for the global future of power generation.

Chris O’Shea, Centrica’s Group CEO, underscored this endeavor as part of their commitment to explore the practicality of the hydrogen economy.

He emphasized the project’s significance in demonstrating the storage and transportation of hydrogen as low-carbon ammonia, ultimately aiming to provide cleaner energy solutions for consumers.

Centrica’s ongoing initiatives showcase their proactive role in pioneering new international value chains, supported by the expertise and collaboration with Mitsubishi Power in this transformative project.

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