USA – Capsa Healthcare, renowned for its cutting-edge healthcare workflow solutions, has introduced the NexPak Automated Packaging System, designed to revolutionize medication management in pharmacies.

NexPak offers pharmacies a seamless transition to automated medication packaging, streamlining the staging process and enhancing medication administration for patients. By benefiting both nurses and patients, NexPak ultimately improves medication compliance.

Automating the packaging of a patient’s daily medications into convenient strip packaging not only saves nurses valuable time during the med pass process but also provides patients with the convenience and safety of receiving their medications in user-friendly pouches.

NexPak’s risk management ensures patients consistently receive the correct dosage, bolstering patient safety.

Engineered for scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness, NexPak eliminates barriers for pharmacies looking to adopt automated compliance packaging and expand their service offerings.

Don Sprague, Vice President of Extended Care at Capsa Healthcare, emphasizes NexPak’s role in addressing the challenges faced by the post-acute marketplace, such as staffing shortages and squeezed profit margins.

NexPak presents a cost-effective and innovative solution tailored to meet the needs of pharmacies and their customers.

Key features of NexPak include packaging flexibility for both multi-dose and single-dose medications, scalability to accommodate varying NDC capacities, intuitive software with comprehensive reporting capabilities, and customization options to align with pharmacy needs and support business growth.

A standout feature of NexPak is its flexibility, available in both Central Pharmacy and In-Facility models. In the Central Pharmacy model, pharmacies oversee the entire dispensing process, delivering medications to care facilities.

Alternatively, the In-Facility model places NexPak directly within care facilities, empowering nurses to produce patient-specific medication pouches on demand, while pharmacies retain control over activities and inventory remotely.

This innovative approach enables nurses to allocate more time to patient care, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Last July, the company acquired MASS Medical Storage, a prominent manufacturer of high-quality medical storage and endoscope cabinet drying systems.

The strategic acquisition strengthens Capsa Healthcare’s global position as a premier provider of innovative and efficient workflow solutions for hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers.

MASS Medical (based in Kansas City, KS) has earned a strong reputation for delivering endoscopic equipment drying, storage, and transport carts.

With this acquisition, Capsa Healthcare gains access to MASS Medical’s extensive product portfolio of medical carts, cabinets, catheter storage, and closed storage units that are renowned for nosocomial infection control, meeting the stringent standards of The Joint Commission, AORN, SGNA, and AAMI.

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