SWITZERLAND – Swiss technology group Bühler has unveiled its innovative food hub in Uzwil, consolidating a wide array of capabilities under one roof and revolutionizing product and process development.

This cutting-edge development houses four specialized Application & Training Centers (ATCs) – the Flavor Creation Center, Food Creation Center, Protein Application Center, and Energy Recovery Center – all integrated under one roof.

This initiative complements the existing Extrusion Application Center, further propelling Bühler’s strides in food production innovation.

Johannes Wick, CEO of grains & food at Bühler Group, underscores the significance: “With the completion of the new Application & Training Centers, we can address the entire production spectrum, spanning diverse raw materials to various finished products.

“This enables us to offer our customers unparalleled flexibility and a range of options to revolutionize their markets.”

The recent expansion includes the Tropical Food Innovation Lab in Brazil, a joint initiative with the Institute of Food Technology (Ital), Foodtech Hub Latam, Cargill, and Givaudan.

This collaboration focuses on sustainable food and beverage development, emphasizing biodiversity.

As the demand for nutritious and sustainable plant-based alternatives grows, these ATCs are at the forefront of advancing processes for producing plant-based foods, including meat substitutes and plant-derived drinks and ingredients.

The Protein Application Center, developed in partnership with Bühler’s collaborator Endeco, utilizes advanced wet isolation and fractionation techniques to separate proteins, starches, and fibers.

The Flavor Creation Center, specializing in processing cocoa, nuts, and coffee, has undergone significant upgrades since its establishment, enhancing its capabilities in flavor and product development.

Moreover, the Food Creation Center serves as a cornerstone for innovation and industrialization, providing comprehensive support encompassing technology, analytical services, product and process development, workshops, and training.

Addressing the alarming global food loss of 13% between harvest and retail, these centers emphasize technologies and innovative solutions to manage food quality and minimize waste. This focus on retractable food processing systems aims to combat waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ian Roberts, CTO of Bühler Group, emphasizes the pivotal role of the ATCs: “The opening of these centers marks a crucial milestone in our commitment to aiding our customers and partners in creating a more sustainable food system.”

To maximize the use of waste and by-products, Bühler, in collaboration with strategic partner Vyncke, has inaugurated the Energy Recovery Center.

This facility not only provides heating for Bühler’s headquarters but also acts as a demonstration and testing platform for customers aiming to reduce their CO2 footprint, waste production, and energy costs through by-product utilization.

Johannes Wick highlights the significance of this initiative: “The Bühler-Vyncke Energy Recovery Center is pivotal in realizing our sustainability goals and stands as a blueprint for energy recovery options in food and feed production.”

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