SCOTLAND – Boxshop, a manufacturer specializing in corrugated boxes and packaging, has recently made a strategic investment in a cutting-edge BOBST Expertflex NT flexographic printing press.

This investment aims to elevate the company’s printing capabilities and introduce novel features to its business operations and broader group.

For over three decades, Boxshop has been renowned for providing tailored corrugated boxes and display packaging across diverse market sectors, including the packaging industry itself. Since 2016, Boxshop has been an integral part of the Logson Group.

BOBST has emphasized that the compact design of the Expertflex NT facilitates seamless integration into Boxshop’s existing facility.

This state-of-the-art machine furnishes Boxshop with access to top-tier post-printing operations, introducing enhanced graphic printing capabilities and no-crush feeding technology, thereby optimizing raw material utilization while upholding stringent quality standards.

Exemplifying BOBST’s commitment to customer-centric product design, the Expertflex NT has significantly elevated speed and efficiency levels, underpinned by a robust inspection system that ensures elevated levels of reliability and repeatability.

Following installation and comprehensive training sessions covering both processes and products, the transformative impact of the Expertflex NT was immediately evident.

The machine has enhanced substrate versatility, elevated print quality, particularly evident on clay-coated board, and maintained precise registration in prints.

Capable of handling up to 6 colors, the Expertflex NT operates at an impressive speed of 11,000 sheets per hour, seamlessly complementing Boxshop’s existing equipment.

Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director of Boxshop, lauded the user-friendly nature of the machine, highlighting its efficiency in facilitating swift changes of anilox rolls within a mere 15 minutes.

Jennifer remarked, “The Expertflex NT is not our initial foray into BOBST machinery, thus we were already familiar with the company’s performance.

“Nevertheless, it has surpassed our expectations. We sought a competitive advantage to position ourselves ahead of the competition, and we achieved precisely that with this BOBST machine.

“Our agility is our forte, enabling us to fulfill our customers’ requirements promptly and comprehensively. Our recent investment further bolsters this capability.”

Meanwhile, in December of last year, BOBST outfitted SWPG, a prominent packaging enterprise, with two new BOBST VISIONCUT 106 LER Autoplaten flatbed machines for its Letterhead Press (LPI) division located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As part of the company’s expansion strategy, these two die-cutting machines have been installed to streamline production processes for folding cartons, rigid boxes, and other specialized packaging solutions.

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