UK – British supermarket chain Asda has unveiled its latest endeavor towards sustainability by introducing recyclable plastic film packaging for its Just Essentials beef mince range, effectively replacing plastic trays previously used in packaging.

The newly introduced packaging boasts a remarkable 60% reduction in plastic usage compared to its predecessor and is entirely recyclable through Asda’s in-store collection points.

This strategic move, now available both in stores and online, is anticipated to eliminate a substantial 67.6 tonnes of plastic from Asda’s supply chain annually.

Employing a vacuum-pack method, the innovative packaging effectively eliminates oxygen, thereby extending the shelf life of the product.

Remarkably, despite its reduced size, the new packaging retains the same quantity of beef mince as before, optimizing both space utilization and product preservation.

Asda has ensured that the recyclability of the packaging aligns with the guidelines of the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL).

To facilitate the recycling process, used packaging can be conveniently recycled at 250 of Asda’s locations through front-of-store collection points.

Expressing Asda’s commitment to sustainability, Jon Wells, the sustainable packaging manager, stated, “We’re continuously exploring avenues to implement positive changes that benefit both our valued customers and the environment, and we firmly believe that this initiative is one of those impactful changes.”

He further emphasized, “This initiative not only enhances shelf life and offers enhanced convenience to our customers but also significantly reduces non-recyclable plastic in our supply chain, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.”

This initiative is part of Asda’s broader strategy to achieve its goal of utilizing only recyclable packaging by the year 2025.

The supermarket chain has undertaken several initiatives, including updating best-before dates on approximately 250 fresh fruit and vegetable products and its own brand of yogurts to assist customers in minimizing food wastage at home.

In a similar vein, Asda announced plans in June of the previous year to replace colored caps with recyclable clear caps on all its own label fresh milk products.

This latest sustainability endeavor follows Asda’s reintroduction of its pet food lines – Hero for dogs and Tiger for cats – last December, featuring a vibrant and engaging appearance crafted by Stormbrands.

Stormbrands’ creative approach aims to contemporize Asda’s pet brand offerings amidst increasing market competition, capitalizing on the evolving consumer perception of pets as integral family members.

By employing softer brand hues and modernized designs, the rebranding seeks to underscore Asda’s commitment to providing trustworthy and nutritious pet food options.

In addition to revamping the design for the entire pet food range, Stormbrands developed comprehensive packaging and brand guidelines to steer its future trajectory, accompanied by in-store activation strategies and communication initiatives.

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