USA – Ardagh Glass Packaging (AGP)-North America, a unit of Ardagh Group, has cemented a local supply agreement for glass beer bottles with Stevens Point Brewery, establishing a significant partnership between the two entities.

This collaboration links Stevens Point Brewery with AGP-North America’s glass manufacturing plant in Burlington, Wisconsin, US, strategically aligning with the brewery’s commitment to sourcing local products and integrating sustainable practices into its operations.

Brian Elza, the purchasing director at Stevens Point Brewery, emphasized the brewery’s extensive distribution network, which spans over 30 states and delivers 1.7 million cases annually of various beverages, half of which are in glass bottles.

Elza highlighted the energy efficiency and support for the state economy achieved through sourcing glass closer to home, emphasizing that this partnership resonates deeply with the brewery’s values.

Ardagh Group asserted that the local collaboration not only reduces emissions but also bolsters Wisconsin’s local economies and communities.

By minimizing travel distances, the partnership contributes to improved air quality, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. AGP-North America, a provider of premium, American-made glass beer bottles to the craft beer market, offers 100% recyclable bottles in various sizes, styles, and finishes.

Rashmi Markan, Vice President of Beer and Beverage at AGP-North America, underscored the company’s commitment to partnering with craft brewers like Stevens Point Brewery to provide locally produced, sustainable glass bottles.

Markan emphasized the close proximity between the two entities, enabling seamless collaboration to ensure quality and efficiency from manufacturing lines to filling operations.

Moreover, AGP-North America renewed its supply agreement with Oliver Winery last November, demonstrating its continued dedication to partnering with leading brands across various beverage sectors.

Rooftop solar plant in Scotland

Meanwhile, in Europe, Ardagh Glass Packaging Europe has made significant strides in enhancing sustainability at its Irvine facility in Ayrshire, Scotland, by installing a new solar PV system.

This system generates electricity back to the grid, removing the equivalent of an estimated 356 tonnes of CO2e annually, contributing to the decarbonization strategy of Ardagh Group.

Graeme Shepherd, Plant Director at AGP-Irvine, highlighted the solar installation’s role in enhancing sustainability and reducing the facility’s reliance on grid electricity.

Annelene Ikemann, Sustainability Director at AGP-Europe, emphasized the broader impact of such initiatives, which collectively aim to replace a significant portion of electricity consumption from the grid, reducing carbon emissions substantially.

Pat Fenlon, Executive Director of Customer Solutions at ESB Energy, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting sustainability and innovation projects like the solar array at Ardagh Irvine.

This project aligns with Ardagh Group’s strategy to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, showcasing the company’s proactive approach towards sustainability.

These initiatives exemplify Ardagh Group’s dedication to sustainability across its global operations, including the launch of solar power installations in the Netherlands, demonstrating a holistic commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

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