AUSTRALIA – The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has officially recognized Ravenwood Packaging’s linerless label technology as recyclable within Australasia.

This approval comes after Ravenwood APAC managing director Sam Aloschi’s dedicated efforts since 2021 to validate the kerbside recyclability of their products.

Collaborating with BioPRIA and Monash University, Ravenwood developed a standardized test method that paved the way for the approval of their linerless materials.

The company provided various samples, including uncoated, coated, printed, and raw materials, to assist in establishing testing criteria.

The ‘Circle of Linerless,’ Ravenwood’s comprehensive ecosystem, encompasses base paper, silicones, adhesives, and varnishes.

These are meticulously balanced and crafted into labels by Ravenwood’s keyline designers and produced using the Com 500 coater.

Sam Aloschi expressed pride in their achievement, stating, “I always believed our linerless labels were 100% recyclable and should not be going to landfill.”

He credited Ravenwood’s team for their dedication to pushing technological boundaries to ensure recyclability and sustainability for future generations.

The successful testing of Ravenwood’s products yielded a pulp yield of over 93.7%, ready for recycling post-screening.

To bolster its sustainability commitment, Ravenwood is introducing the Ravenwood Recyclability Approval Program (RRAP) for printers, aligning with its rigorous auditing and chain of custody process.

Ravenwood’s ‘Circle of Linerless’ encompasses materials and machinery, including the Com 500 coater and Nobac linerless applicators.

This holistic approach extends to label design, disaster recovery, performance guarantees, and a global supply network through Ravenwood’s machinery distributors and printer partners.

Moreover, Ravenwood celebrates 20 years in business, marked by advancements in linerless label technology, including the integration of X-ray and vision capabilities.

The company’s Nobac range has evolved, now offering 12 models customized for specific applications.

Notably, the Nobac 5000L, dubbed the ‘fruit machine,’ provides a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic in the fresh produce sector, applying 100% kerbside recyclable ‘fruit lids’ to carton board trays containing fruits and vegetables.

The demand for greener labeling methods continues to grow globally, leading to ongoing development in linerless technology across various food sectors.

Ravenwood’s globally approved linerless printer network has expanded alongside the installation of 41 Com 500 coaters worldwide, responsible for manufacturing linerless labels.

The company’s outreach spans 24 countries across six continents, with recent growth strategies implemented under the leadership of divisional managing director Sam Aloschi in the Asia Pacific region.

Ravenwood, established in 2004, maintains a dedicated workforce across its head office sites in the UK and satellite offices in the US and Australia. It contributes to forest carbon mitigation efforts.

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