CANADA – Global packaging company, Amcor has partnered with Nfinite Nanotechnology to explore the use of the latter’s nanocoating technology in both recyclable and compostable packaging.

The two companies aim to deliver an oxygen barrier to improve performance and optimize manufacturing.

In the first proof-of-concept phase, Nfinite’s coating technology will be applied to Amcor’s current recyclable and compostable packaging materials to enhance performance for the same.

Once the oxygen barrier is validated, the following research stage will seek to ensure the products are optimized to Amcor’s manufacturing processes and analyze additional substrates like bio-based materials to create more sustainable applications.

Chee Hau Teoh, co-founder and CEO at Nfinite Nanotechnology said: “We’re pleased to have Amcor’s support in advancing our ambitions to deliver this nanocoating technology in packaging applications. Once scaled up, we can begin looking for pilot companies eager to leverage this technology.”

Amcor Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation vice president Frank Lehmann added: “This joint research project agreement is an important step, and showcases Amcor’s solution-based commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“Collaborating with innovative start-ups like Nfinite, particularly in the early stage of this exciting new technology, is one more way we are working to advance our shared sustainability goals.”

The joint research project extends the existing partnership between Amcor and Nfinite that started last year when Nfinite was selected as an Amcor Lift-Off winner.

The start-up received an investment of US$250,000 to scale its team and demonstrate, certify and adopt its innovations for broadscale commercial use in the packaging industry.

Driving nanotech research

Nfinite’s vapor-deposited nanocoating is eco-friendly, solvent-free, ultrathin, multifunctional and applied at low temperatures in open air without a vacuum chamber.

The start-up introduced the cost-effective Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) method of metal-oxide coating producing large-area, high-quality ultrathin films.

Nfinite says its mission is to provide the packaging industry with a sustainable path forward by delivering high-performance barrier layers for sustainable packaging, accelerating the world’s goal to eliminate plastic packaging pollution.

“SALD technology lays down one atomic layer at a time, producing uniform, pinhole-free nanocoatings,” explains Nfinite.

“The technology is a step ahead of the field as it does not require a vacuum chamber. The novel aspect of this technology offers new opportunities for integration.”

With environmental sustainability increasingly gaining importance as consumer preference, Amcor and Nfinite’s research in nanocoating technology to enhance both recyclable and compostable packaging aims to create new applications that can advance both companies’ efforts toward driving circularity.

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