FRANCE – Ahlstrom, a leading manufacturer of innovative fiber-based materials, in collaboration with adapa and Maped has introduced a groundbreaking flowpack solution for eraser packaging.

Ahlstrom’s Cristal™ base papers are an optimum solution for transparent packaging. By partnering with adapa and Maped, the three companies have developed fiber-based window packaging for a popular school supply – erasers.  

Guillaume Lavoue, Product Manager for Ahlstrom said: “This collaboration between Ahlstrom, adapa, and Maped is an example of our shared dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.

“By offering a transparent paper alternative, we are empowering companies and consumers to find fiber-based alternatives for traditional plastic or film substrates without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.”

Cristal™ is manufactured from natural cellulose fibers, yet this innovative transparent paper offers the same level of functionality and durability as traditional plastic packaging.

By using renewable and biodegradable materials, Cristal™ provides an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on quality. 

Chloé Romanet, Product Manager for Maped added: “The entire process, from paper production to conversion, is 100% made in France.

“When working with regional suppliers who offer sustainable practices, our overall product footprint is reduced through this collaborative value chain.” 

Based in France, adapa specializes in providing sustainable packaging solutions and extensive services to different industries, including the food, tobacco, hygiene, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Franck Caresmel, Head of Sales Unit Fresh Food France for adapa explained: “At adapa, we rethink packaging in close cooperation with our customers to implement more sustainable alternatives.

“In the case of Maped we were able to fulfill their requirement for transparent paper-based packaging, while at the same time moving from a classic blister pack to a flowpack.

“As a result, we found a fiber-based solution with Ahlstrom’s CristalTM printed and laminated against a thin BOPP layer locally in France – which at the same time allowed us to reduce the amount of material used.” 

 Early this month, Ahlstrom produced release papers made from PCR and unbleached cellulose fibers.

As an expansion of Acti-V Industrial, Ahlstrom’s dedicated range of high-performance release liners, the range features Acti-V Industrial RF Brown, incorporating 30% post-consumer recycled fiber in a conventional brown color; and Acti-V Industrial RF Natural which, based on at least 15% post-consumer recycled cellulose fiber and unbleached cellulose fibers, comes in a natural kraft color.

According to Ahlstrom, both products replace a portion of virgin fibers with post-consumer recycled alternatives.

Acti-V Indsutrial RF Natural is thought to eliminate all dye use and, according to a cradle-to-gate study set to undergo third-party verification in the coming months, reduce the carbon footprint of standard Acti-V Industrial liners by between 17% and 20%.

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